About company

Arch City Constructors started tofunction on 14 November 2015. Despite the fact that our company is new, involved specialists are equipped with great theoretical skills andexperience. Each one of them participated as leading professionals in large-scale and important projects implemented in Azerbaijan. The main objectives of our company are to deliver design based on modern architecture, to prevent repetition by approaching our clients individually and achieve success by taking our clients’ ideas into account. It’s also should be noted that, we are approaching to smallest details with extra care while preparing project and design works.

We are sure that you will enjoy working with us after you get introduced to our projects. We are taking full responsibility for our design works. We consider it important to inspire clients’ imagination not only by submitting unique design project, but also by presenting 3D animations of residentials and non-residentials. Our company is composed of functional, skillful experts that are ready to suggest technical decisions and maintain all qualities to prepare difficult projects. Workers must unite as a team while preparing design works. Team spirit is an important factor for punctual implementation of planned objectives. Arch City Constructors maintains highly educated designers architects, engineers and constructors that are good team players and highly motivated staff.

After determination of materials by our representative and clients to be used for design works, several unique design projects are offered in a short period. Architects prepare design works and necessary procurement plan after relevant choice. We involve masters that are distinguished for their work in construction business in order to achieve desirable results. We implement our overhaul/construction services with high quality and in modern manner relying on high professionalism and great experience of our team. Arch City Constructors gives great importance to use of modern technologies. Our architects and engineers have 10 to 15 years work experience.

Our team consists of great experienced professionals that we are proud of. We work with highly experienced constructors, architects, and technical specialists on communivation and alarming. We cooperate with constructors of well-known projects to implement difficult tasks (metal and concrete) in Azerbaijan.

The team have participated in belowmentioned projects with various companies:

  • Baku International Bus Terminal;
  • Restoration of Kapital Bank head office;
  • Head office of Garant Holding;
  • Winter Park (park situated above the parking on the intersection of Fuzuli and M.Aliyev streets);
  • Residence at S.Vurghun street;
  • Shushali (‘Glass-in’) Bazaar;
  • Ujar district central hospital;
  • Individual residences and etc.

Our services:

  • Designing (interior, exterior, architecture designing solutions, landscape) – sketches and projects are prepared in accordance with modern standards and professionals control the implementation of projects;
  • Construction – we organize construction by using modern technology and high quality materials in accordance with design;
  • Overhaul – modern and quality materials are used during overhaul;
  • Restoration – restorer architects of Architecture and Construction University are currently invloved in our team.