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Architecture and preparing general plan

Architecture is a great art to build various buildings and their improvement. But for architects is an investment of their souls in their creation. Modern architecture was formed under the influence of architectural styles that prevailed in the twentieth century. Under the style of architecture is understood certain characteristics and common features of buildings inhereted by a certain period of time. The modern style of architecture is called differently in various countries: Modernity in Russia and England, Secession in Austria, Jugendstil in Germany, Art Nouveau in France, and so on.

Styles of contemporary architecture:

  • Modern;
  • High tech;
  • Constructivism;
  • Deconstructivism;
  • Kitsch.

We are specifying the confirmed sketch wuring the project design. Draft, materials and color samples together with furniture and accessories are presented to client to confirm for the last time. Documentation during project development resembles detailed plans of partitions, doors, furniture and domestic appliances, lightings and etc. Price list with estimations is delivered to client after all questions are clarified.

Preparing architecture and general plan (designing residences and cottages, office and business centers, hospitals and sport complexes)

The development of new construction project requires competent preparation of the master plan. This is necessary for qualified formation of comfortable tools of liveability and maximum utilization of the area’s adjacent territory. This is a complex of works on planning communication networks, transport and service infrastructure, landscaping and planting of the construction site. No single building can survive without a competent development of a master plan. It is the most important part of the whole process of designing an object that helps to best optimize the cost of implementation, and to avoid unexpected costs.

Designers start to prepare general plan after principal sketch is confirmed. Master Plan is a plan demonstrating the projectual position of the construction complex, buildings, communications and other facilities. General plan resembles general conception of renovation works. For several difficult projects, area is being divided into vertical parts in accordance with clients intention. The divided parts helps to draw design solutions on area relief on intersections.

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