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Bridges and surface crossings

Bridge construction is an important and responsible process because of the performance of such a design is directly related to human security. That is why bridges are subject to special requirements. For example, it is important that the width of the roadway structures conform with its bandwidth, and the bridge itself, as well as all the elements have been very strong and reliable. Surface crossings conssits of light construction beneficial in economical matters and differs from underground crossings for these reasons. Crossings are special zones on roads to secure pedestrians. They are ususally constructed on road intersections, public transportation stops and assembly points.

Surface crossings are differentiated with special road signs and asphalt sripes. But construction of passenger bridges or undercround crossings should be preffered on high traffic roads as they are safer and eliminates necessity for traffic lights. In the end it contributes to traffic-less roads. Parking – Implementation of technical equipments plays a significant role in organizing parking. There are four main factors that determine what a new parking will look like: aboveground or underground, single-level or multi-level. This is the cost of creating parking, the cost of land, the difference in the amount of income depending on what kind of parking it has and finally, town planning and technical limitations.

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