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Construction of parks

Our company is able to turn the first glance ordinary things into something special. Creative and unique outdoor furniture will please your eyes at all times. We are engaged in the modernization of urban areas, using a variety of design solutions. All solutions comply with landscaping regulations. Improvement of urban areas is primarily important for you. The look at your site should always be positive and please the loking eye. For example, you bought an apartment with great pleasure, but there are only technical litter, wholes, and etc around the house. Will this please you? Of course not. Therefore the area must be refined. Lawns must be planted, curbs, sports fields, playgrounds and outdoor furniture shall be installed.

We create intelligent and interesting solutions for the improvement of urban parks, gardens, squares, yards of suburban homes. Our designers will help you to formalize your territory in a unique style. The quality of our products and creative solutions will surprise you. Renovation of parks is a complex of works including drawing sidewalks, planting of greenery, creation of necessary conditions for people. Renovation of large areas require special skills, large number of designing materials and preparation stages. Such stages include topographical researches, analyzing soil layers in areas, and placement of sport and stadiums for childeren, and small architecture samples. All these works must be completed by a company that has necessary skills and resources in order to achieve desired result.

An attractive park to residents and guests of city depends on several factors:

  • Safety of leisure;
  • The development level of park infrastructure, its richness in different objects in terms of recreational load (sports fields, recreational areas, playgrounds, amusement and so on.);
  • The presence of the park features, exceptional facilities allocating the rest of the park (memorial objects, objects of contemporary art, reservoirs, landscape compositions, unique buildings and so on.);
  • The availability of the park infrastructure for different age groups of citizens and persons with disabilities.

Landscaping yards, parks and other areas includes the following activities:

  • Flooring lawn;
  • Planting flowers, shrubs and trees;
  • Arrangement of flower beds;
  • Installation of pavements, walkways, fountains and benches;
  • Installation of children’s playgrounds, etc.
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