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If you wish to live in an exclusive house that all your wishes are considered, you are on the right address. Presentation of properly drafted design project of a house, interior, exterior landscape and etc. will provide imagination on how prospective overhaul or construction will look like. Thanks to the searches of designers we can now look to the future, and is not reflected in the fantasies of artists, futurists, but in real-world industrial design samples. Large companies, meticulously studying the dynamics of consumer demand, predict the future, work on it by creating promising models already for buyers of tomorrow with their diverse demands and refined taste.

Design works (interior, exterior and landscape)

Design is primarily a rational idea, and the use of a style is an aesthetic embodiment of rational ideas of the designer. Every person is unique and the task of the interior designer is to choose the style that will appeal the spirit of the customer. When it comes to the application of any style, it should be remembered that any room design should be simple and rational, but no simpler than is possible.
Exterior is artistic and architectural exterior appearance of a building that provides a person a favorable aesthetic perception. The exterior design is based on the synthesis of pragmatic and artistic ideas and solutions to improve the conditions of human existence in a holistic aesthetically perfect form. Today nobody doubts that the landscape design is a real art.

We can say that it embodies the aspects of the three areas and rests on three pillars such as:

  • Design and architecture;
  • Crop and botanics;
  • History of cultur and philosophy.

Specialists do not overlook any of these aspects while drafting designs. Arch City Design will provide you with visual 3D presentation on interior, exterior, landscape and etc. of project in order to create conception on prospective works and to prevent any discrepancies. We are preparing designs on all manners and trends of architecture. We are providing you with catalogues of leading companies that sell materials and accessories we utilize.

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