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Designing engineering works

Engineering utilities provides clients to live and work with comfort in any situation. In other words, it’s a system that provides quality of life. It is not possible to imagine any residence, workplace or buildings without water, electricity, sewerage and etc. Enginneering utilities include: heating, hot and cold water supply, sewerage, air conditioning and cooling system, security system, fire alarm, electricity and etc. Utilities are crucial to everyone who wants to design and build a house and fulfills design of business, engineering warehouses, industrial design, or those who need reconstruction.

Utility networks need special attention at the stage of the house designing as comfortable accommodation will depend on this. Engineering networks are divided into internal or external depending on their location to the building. Exterior engineering networks are much larger structures than domestic networks. Construction of utilities includes a plurality of stages, from project preparation and coordination with its respective public services, and ending with implementation of civil works and commissioning of the object.

But an appeal to a specialized company is justified not only for these reasons. Construction of utilities presupposes the existence of the necessary construction equipment and skilled workers. Only construction companies whose main focus is the construction of utilities can perform all work at a consistently high level and in due time while observing all the regulation and standards of construction. The quality and functionality of engineering systems depends on the quality and timeliness of all stages of design, preparation and construction.

Types of engineering utlities:

  • Water supply and sewerage system;
  • Heating supply system;
  • Electricity;
  • Installation and service of air conditioning and cooling system;
  • Designing landscape and installing drainage system;
  • Installation of fire alarm and video control network.
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