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Overhaul and construction

Capital construction is the process of creating entirely new buildings, as well as reconstruction and upgrading of existing facilities.

Capital construction usually consists of several stages:

  • Technical and economic feasibility of the construction process;
  • Engineering surveys;
  • Design;
  • The organization of the construction process;
  • Site preparation for construction and creating temporary structures;
  • The main construction process;
  • Commissioning.

Overhaul and construction have always been a hot topic of the past, future and present. Mankind has always sought to improve living. Old houses are being demolished, and new skyscrapers are built with apartments with improved design. Both new and old apartments in turn are in need of repair. That’s how the vicious cycle of construction generates. Anyone who ever saves a little money tries to do something on their own, instead of wasting in on a construction crew. Moreover, the majority of these teams do not tak their work seriously and try to do everything as quickly as possible, which the quality of work often suffers from.

Why choose “Arch City”:

  • We will complete overhaul and construction works in a short time;
  • Our team is full of educated and responsible specialists;
  • We offer you reasonable prices;
  • Arch City Constructors has plenty of experience on services it provides.

Overhal and construction works (overhaul of residence and offices, construction of industrial, office and administrative buildings and residences). Those funds that have been spent in the capital construction of a building are called capital investments which include the following costs:

  • The cost of equipment and tools that are required for the construction process;
  • The direct cost of construction works;
  • The cost of design work;
  • The cost of installing the equipment;
  • Staff and management costs.
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