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Residential area complex in Garadagh district

Project of residential area complex in Garadagh district features 7 detached 9-storey single-and-double entry residential apartment buildings with the retail and office enterprises on the entry level. Such practice also allows to establish an integrated kindergarten in residential buildings. Housing with integrated kindergartens will particularly attract the families with preschoolers. The complex has conventionally rectangular shape in plan with dimensions 135×230 m. The projected height of the residential floors is 3 meters.

The complex has four single-track ramp to the underground parking underneath the entire complex (2 entry and 2 exit). There are automatic gates and barriers in front of each entry and exit to the parking. The complex area stipulates for the arrangement of the recreation areas for the preschool-age children and adults. Practical solutions adopted in the design of complex meet the environmental, sanitary, fire and other working regulations of Azerbaijan.

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